• Djalilova Zarnigor Obidovna Assistant, Department of Languages, Bukhara State Medical Institute Named After Abu Ali ibn Sino, Bukhara, Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Davlatov Salim Sulaymonovich



health psychology, lifestyle, healthy lifestyle


The article is devoted to the theoretical understanding of the concept of "healthy lifestyle" in psychological research. The analysis of the definitions of the concept of "healthy lifestyle" in the scientific literature has been carried out; approaches to its definition and main features have been identified. Approaches to the study of a healthy lifestyle in foreign studies are considered. It was revealed that along with the concept of "healthy lifestyle" in domestic research, the concept of "self-preserving behavior" is actively used, often as a synonym for the first. The main purpose of the article was to correlate the concepts of "healthy lifestyle" and "self-preservation behavior" in the context of health psychology, highlighting their similarities and differences. A number of definitions of the concept of "self-protective behavior", features of its use in domestic and foreign studies are given. It is shown that in foreign studies the term "self-protective behavior" is used in the study of professional groups in the context of attitudes towards one's health, when issues related to the risk of injuries of various geneses at work are raised, in domestic psychology - as a behavior focused on health and prevention development of diseases. As a result of the analysis, a close relationship was revealed between the concepts under consideration, which together direct human activity towards the strengthening and development of individual and public health, but their identification is not entirely correct. It is shown that "self-protective behavior" is an integral element of a healthy lifestyle. The concept of "healthy lifestyle" is broader than "self-protective behavior", and can be defined as a set of external and internal conditions of a person's life, contributing to a longer work of all systems of his body, as well as a set of actions aimed at maintaining and strengthening health (self-protective behavior) and the harmonious development of the personality.